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For many, computers have become a necessary part of life.  They help us run our businesses, diagnose diseases, and stay connected to people in our social network.  Because they are such an important part of our existence, nothing is more frightening or frustrating than when a computer breaks down. 

That's where we come in.

We excel in diagnosing and repairing both hardware and software systems, we are proficient in database management, and can create and manage websites for all businesses alike.  We are committed to giving free advice on possible solutions to common PC problems and handy tips concerning general maintenance.

The solution may be simple so why not give us a call?

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Call:   07979505301 

JTS Computers

PC Repair

Great News!

As many of you know, JTS Computers is situated within Clare’s Convenience Store in Dwygyfylchi, North Wales.  We just want to announce that we are now taking in phone repairs (not all makes and models but we are working on that!) and as usual we repair pc’s, Laptops and Tablets in addition to free computer help.

Look forward to seeing you soon for a repair or your local shop!

James, Manager

Posted 32 weeks ago

Scam Alert!

Please be aware that any emails you receive stating you have a message waiting from WhatsApp is a phishing scam - do NOT sign into your account from that link! You have been warned!

Posted 117 weeks ago


Mondays to Saturdays - 9am to 5pm

 Sundays - Closed


We are committed to providing cheap and reliable repairs and to be at the forefront of the u-turn taking place in Information Technology today where it is better for the customer to be online and operational.  E-commerce, social networking and personal finances are now part of many of our lives and a computer that doesn't work or is faulty is a waste of potential and resources.  We will provide free advice and search out the best free software to reduce the running costs of our customers.